Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm a Trekkie

A Pioneer Trekkie that is!

We trekked from Riley's Ranch to Mile High (7 miles) and then back a different way (2.5 miles) the next day. We slept in tents (some boys under the stars) without any padding. We could only bring what would fit in a pillow case and it had to weight under 15 pounds.

It was a definate challenge and we were sore and tired for a day (okay 3) after we got home, but we'd happily do it again. I just hope we have some bigger boys next time:)

Our Family

Stan on the lead rope

THe boys lifting the cart over and up the gorge. We had to unload our entire cart, fireman carry the stuff across, carry the cart over and then reload the cart. Whew!

Working hard during the Girl Pull. We sure missed our men gone with the Mormon Battalion

Me at Mile High Ranch. See all those carts lined up in the background?

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

San Diego Zoo

Look at that love

Stan had another conference in San Diego so we went down Monday after school and stayed until Wednesday at 5 am to get Israel back to school on time.
We played on the beach the first day, it was too cold for swimming, but we enjoyed the shells, building sandcastles, and attempting to fly our dollor store kites.

Day 2 we went to the Zoo and then the kiddos enjoyed the pool while I read a book (it was too windy for swimming if you ask me)
acting like orangutans
real orangutan
Julia loved seeing the hippo above and below the water
She wanted a picture by all statues in the zoo.
Israel with a bird trainer and a Eurasian Owl- the biggest owl in the world!

Israel with a seal at the polar bear place (our 3rd time going and to our dissapointment those polar bears still aren't swimming
On the gondola ride. Eliza was most excited about this high flying ride over the zoo.
Julia with elephants
What a good trip. Next time we want to go to the Wild Animal Park

Bishop, CA Memorial Weekend

What we didn't know when we planned out trip to the quiet town of Bishop was that every Memorial Weekend they celebrate MULE DAYS. There were people and animals and carnivals, and busyness everywhere. We were really surprised until we started seeing the huge banners- AND all the RV's and mules everywhere. It looked a lot like a Fiddler's Convention in Virginia. We avoided all the Mule Celebrators and experienced the rocks. Bishop, home of bouldering, was our playground. We camped at Owen's River Gorge and climbed Sat. and Monday in the Happy Boulders. We walked around the Buttermilks on Sunday, but we were good and didn't do any climbing. Our bodies and especially our hands needed that day of rest to recover from the volcanic rock. We were pretty beat up, and sweaty. Next time we're going when it's not so hot.

Eliza did her best climbing yet. She was such a trooper.
Eliza wearing Stan's climbing shoes- she's ready to get on the rock.
On own back on the last day. Tired but happy.
I avoid highballs as a rule. But this one had 4 stars and I wanted to conquer it. It's tried it Sat. but lost my footing and almost fell at the crux. It scared me so much that I down climbed. I tried it a little bit later but I was still too nervous to complete the climb. I thought about it Sat. night and Sunday. Can I do it? I can do it! What if I fall? . . . First thing Monday we went back to the Heavenly Boulders and I conquered the Heavenly Path. It felt so dang good that even though I was worn out I didn't care how else I climbed, I was happy!
Israel and Julia by one of the many ant houses they built. They even built them a playground- if only the ants had appreciated all that work!

This is one of Stan's last climbs. This is an overhanging one (I couldn't top out)