Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Princess Party- Happy Birthday Girls!

We had our first friend birthday party for Eliza (turning 5) and Julia (turning 3) yesterday. Five little princesses were able to come over and join the fun. We all had a great time and Julia and Eliza couldn't have been happier.

All the princesses received a manicure, crown, necklace, bracelet, and ring so we could be fancy. Then we played Elefun (Julia's birthday present), ate lots of pink food, danced to princess music, and then played outside.

Showing off their princess hairstyles before the party.

Look at those wide open eyes and happy smile. I think she's enjoying her party:)

Playing Elefun
Pin the tiara on the princess. See Julia peeking out beneath the blindfold?

Eliza- even as a princess showing off her climbing skills. I always think she'd make a good "paper bag princess" (if you haven't read the book by Robert Munsch give it a try. It's one of my favorites)

taking on the pinata

Eliza looking dangerous.
Blowing out the candles together.

Eliza with her special Cinderella doll.

Me by the cake. The windows kept falling off- I think the wafers didn't like being in the fridge. This picture is before we fixed them. We didn't get an after one. Silly us.

We're so glad we have our girls:) Now we just have to finish cleaning up the mess!

ps look what came in the mail:
Israel modeling his Halloween costume- Thanks Aunt Sue! He LOVES it:)