Monday, October 29, 2012

Birthdays and Jack-o-lanterns

Julia thrilled with her gifts
Eliza chose pancakes instead of a cake (and since I made 3 sets of cupcakes and 2 other cakes, I for one, was thrilled)

birthday outfits

birthday outfits

JT walking in JT (Joshua Tree)

Our soccer star

For JT's birthday we make Jack-o-lantern balloons-orange and green were our colors

Ghost Roaster (a Skylander)

Witch stirring her cauldron

Rapunzel is up in that tower

Monday, October 01, 2012

Our Northern California Adventure

Playing in Morro Bay. The Rock is incredible-we wanted to climb on over it, but it's protected as a Peregrine Falcon habitat. I don't know if is was being in the car for 5 hours or what, but we were all running up and down the beach, dancing, laughing, and playing in the surf.

The rock is behind us. We asked a guy to take our picture, we should have been more specific:)

JT helping with the dig

Along Big Sur Hwy 1 is an incredible drive. Israel and I did need Dramamine, but it was well worth it.

Hiking to the (overlook to the) waterfall into the ocean. Unfortunately they'd closed the path-boo. Now I can't remember, but I think it's McWay Falls???

Playing in Pfeiffer State Park-we got to see real redwoods. Not huge ones, but still-really awesome as was playing in the river.

Monterey Bay Aquarium-feel tank. We were lucky to be here the day the Endeavor Space Shuttle did 2 low flying passes. It was really neat to #spottheshuttle 

By the enormous kelp bed tank

JT in a clam

Had to take a picture of Stan by this part sign. STANISLAUS:D

Yosemite-we hiked up Bridal Veil Falls

El Capitan

Half Dome behind us-At a lookout on the way to Glacier Point-A-mazing

Julia goofing off as we watched the sun setting on Half-Dome

Glacier Point

Mariposa Grove-Sequoia

Great Grizzly-2,700 years old. Biggest Sequoia in the park

Only Sequoia still standing that you can drive a (small) car through

We also went to San Fransisco to see Stan's freshman roommate Mike and went out to Angel Island (the Ellis Island of the West) and spent two night with my wonderful writing partner Emily Prusso. Unfortunately the camera was missing during those times!

Great trip. Can't wait to go to Yosemite again.