Monday, August 31, 2009

"I love you" & Manwich

Israel came home today complaining about the 2 girls in his class acting like puppy dogs following him all over the playground and repeatedly telling him "I Love You, I love you" What is it with kg girls always chasing the boys?
Speaking of love,

Manwich- I don't love you. Last week felt a bit overwhelming so at the grocery store I picked up a few quick meal plans. One was a can of Manwich. Having never made it, I foolishly thought- cool, just heat the contents and we're good. I hadn't ever bought already cooked and canned ground beef, but I was willing to give it a try. Besides, it was half price. If only I had read the can instead of salivating over the picture: add fresh ground beef or turkey- I wouldn't have found myself 5 minutes before Stan and his friend would be here for dinner with nothing to offer, but almost boiling water for the spagetti dinner we would be having instead- and 20 minutes late.
Once we did make the manwiches they had few green and red peppers unlike that decieving picture on the can and it wasn't all that tasty. Never again Manwich, I just don't love you.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thanks and Israel Starts School

I just wanted to express my thanks for your kind responses to my last post. They have truly been helping me feel better about our new situation. I've been reaching out more and finding friends at parks and at Israel's new school. Yes you read that right. Israel started school on Monday at OES and has Mrs. T for a teacher. She came recommended but sight unseen, so I'm glad that I'm liking her and she's liking Israel. Today she said she wished all her kids could be like him. He's doing so well (Mommy pride swelling . . .). I've found a Mom with 2 young kids like me to swap out with so we can volunteer in our kg's classes and I've found 3 other Mom's for play dates and such. I've been reaching out of my comfort zone and it feels SO good.

Also I have to comment on my wonderful company. Amanda and Bryce can down somewhat unexpectedly this weekend and I loved having family here (and playing Pandemic). They especially helpped out with those first days of school and getting Israel to and from. We only live 2.1 miles from school, so we're not a bus area and to pick up you can't pull your cars up but have to park, unload kids, walk over to the gate and pick up your kger when his name is read. It's quite a system.

His fav. things of school: play time, singing "We went for a walk and the walk was cool, we saw some people in a swimming pool. They swam to the left, they swam to the right, but here are some things that they did best, they did doggy paddle . . . dove, snorkled, towel dried" his least favorite is rest time after recess. Yesterday he said his favorite part of school was how excited Eliza is when he cames out the gate. The first day she jumped him with one of those all 4 limbs hugs of hers. Israel eats lunch at school and has just over 4 hours of school time.

Here are some more roses, Israel grating cheese for dinner, my kindergartener (who isn't allowed to take the brand new spiderman backpack we bought last week because of lack of storage space), and Julia so sad for Amanda to be leaving.

ps. We've given up on our dishwater. We have low water pressure and have fixed it in the shower with a special showerhead. But the kitchen is pretty hopeless. So, until we get a plummer we're back to hand washing. It's just as well since we kept running out of plates and especially bowls (I didn't want to send it until it was full).

pps there is a giveaway on The Benner Daily blog for V & Co's patterns.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Feeling Alone

I've been feeling all alone out here. A little down in the dumps with the move and lack of friends. I'm not saying it's been bad. Families have dropped by, brought us food and hellos, we've been very welcomed. I just feel secluded. I've begun running in the mornings before Stan leaves for work. I'll run for about 20 minutes out- find a nice sandy lot with a view, do my sun salutes, and run back home. This time has been helping. After my run today I went into the back yard and found our first rose.

Well today I had a really wonderful experience going to the grocery store. I think it was a tender mercy like my rose and I'm truly grateful. When I pulled into Staters I saw a blood bank mobile and decided to go over even though I had all 3 kids. I asked the wait time and talked to the guy in charge for a little bit- could I do this with kids? would they be okay inside the truck? in the end I let the driver of the truck sit outisde with my 3 lovelies in the Stater parking lot while I went inside to donate blood. Normally I wouldn't do this, but I had this urge to do something for somebody else and here was my unlikely opportunity. They were so kind and all 3 kids were willing to sit in the chairs in the shade and eat goodies that you get from donating- juice and goldfish and such. It was mainly routine inside, the power didgo out when the technician was trying to get a blood sample for my iron, but it was just a nice easy time to relax and realize that I hadn't given blood since I before I was expecting Israel. It just was never convenient with kids or pregnancy or nursing. I'm so glad that I went. The workers told me my kids did really well and were such good sports. During the 15 minutes I had to sit after I'd donated I watched them out the window and they looked really happy. Even Eliza was doing well without me. Israel kept talking to the man (I didn't even get his name). The lady who was doing the snacks turned out to be LDS and we talked a little about the church (she's from San Bernideno). Afterwards the driver was really complementary of my good kids and they were so good in the grocery store after. In fact, he was on lunch break when he saw us coming out of the store and helped unload my cart- no heavy lifting he reminded me with a smile (I told him I didn't thing groceries counted as I let him load the back of my car. I felt such kindness, such goodness from there guys inside at the Blood bank. I really feel like I followed a prompting to go over there. I mean really, deciding to donate blood with 3 young kids? Deciding to let a stranger watch them outside the truck? this is not normal for me. I know this sounds really small, and in some ways it is, but my experience today has made everything sunnier. I feel like I have better kids, and that I can contribute. I'm so glad I listened to that prompting. God reminded me today that I'm not all alone- I have a whole community willing to interact and be a part of my life.

Thank you men and women of the LifeStream. Today you went above and beyond for a mom with 3 kids and she is truly grateful.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

I forgot to mention

Did anyone notice the lack of a crib in the kids room? Julia transitioned quite nicely with the move to a big girl bed. Most specifically the bottom half of Eliza's bed. We haven't put the crib in the attic yet, just in case, but she's doing really well. AND she's doing a lot of sitting of the potty time and taking off her dirty diapers and giving them to me as if they're presents.

Also I forgot to mention that the sliding glass door in the master goes out to our patio. We love spending time out there. We're hoping to get a patio table and chairs in the not too distant future. Early morning and evening after 7 are so nice outside, and the sunsets. I could easily get used to those.

Next post- kitchen, patio, and back yard- at least that's the plan.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Joshua Tree

We couldn't help but spend our first Sat. exploring Joshua Tree National Park. To get our bearings, find some shade, enjoy the wonderful breeze, the of course climb.
See those funny trees to Julia's left? The only that are tall and kindof look like they have arms? They're Joshua Trees.

Israel and Eliza busy conquering the rock. Father and son

Julia insisted on being part of the fun.

This is actually on the back of our house. Look at the size of that moth next to Stan's hand. The bugs out here are seriously huge.

Promised Pictures

Front Entry

Living Room: Notice the new couches (we got a super deal on them and they have a buit in sleeper if anyone wants to come visit) Do you like our crooked floor lamp? It didn't survive the move so well. Honestly it had been struggling for a while and I think that moving truck was the last straw.

Robin's corner of the living room. My beloved oversized chair. This is already my "library" in this picture it is acting as a boat for my Eliza.


Master looking at closet doors

Master Bath- notice the rounded shower curtain we added. I rather like it. 6 extra inches makes a difference.

Kids room

Kids closet. I had to remove a huge shelving unit from the closet so I could get Eliza's dresser in. I learned how to remove gliding doors and the floor track and how to put it back together.

Office with our other beloved overstuffed couch. The room is already cluttered, but we're working to organize it.

Office closet (where I moved the big shelf unit from the kid's room) this closet it bigger and could use the shelves.

I couldn't post without showing you our lovely kids enjoying Luckie Park. It's really nice before 10 am. After that beware, the slides can burn your bottom.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Up and running

We finally got our internet hooked up yesterday. Look back soon for a picture filled post. 29 Palms has been hot, but bearable. We've been enjoying the slower pace and having a house- even with all the ups and downs associated with it. Now if could just figure out how to get the gas dryer hooked up and the lawn mower working:)