Friday, March 26, 2010


Stan's Mom, Dad, and sister Susan with her kids came out to see us and go to Legoland. We had such a wonderful time together and we all enjoyed Legoland. Here we are in our St. Patrick's Day Greens.

Stan beside this Lego Dragon.
Julia's favorite ride. She did this slide over and over again. See the "bag" her feet are in? She carried it all by herself all the way up the stairs and did the "Dune Raider"
Stan by King Tut. We rode the fun Lost Kingdom Adventure inside of it. During the ride you have guns to shoot targets- I beat Stan!

Watching the Funtown Fire Station Show. The kids just loved it- and the boys got wet!
Susan, Eliza, Audrey, Grandma with sleeping Julia, and Granddaddy in the dry section.
With the Funtown Firefighters- a dream come true for our Eliza (future firefighter)
Israel flying a plane- check out that happy face.
Eliza and I flying. Eliza's loved the roller coasters- especially the Dragon (which was my favorite as well) She also got did the Jousting Ride (she named her horse Squirt. Sadly Stan and the camera were elsewhere, so I couldn't get her picture, but she was loving every second.
Julia in her helicopter.

We just loved our Legoland time. We could have spent days here. So much to do.

Somehow we didn't get a picture of our favorite "ride" doing the Fun Town Fire Acadamy. We had to propel the firetruck down the track by pumping a level and steering, then aim the hoses as your teammates pumped the fire hydrant. It was seriously hard work. My arms were tired from all the pumping- especially since Stan and I did it 3 times (and finally won)

If you ever come to S. CA and have young kids- this is definately the place to go. Tons of fun activity centers (lots of water play). Once kids are 11 it is probably not as cool, but for the group we had, it was perfect:) A big selling point for me was that all the people we saw were families, no teenagers just haning out and cutting lines. It was really nice and safe feeling.

Legoland gets and A+.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What is Robin Wearing?

Here's a hint:

If you guessed Crack Climbing Gloves- good job!

Stan made these from a used bike tire inner tube. One thing we discovered pretty quickly moving to 29 P is that crack climbing is very painful- we cut our hands (and sometimes ankles) pretty often. Taping works, but it takes a lot of time and tape, so Stan determined that crack climbing gloves have to exist. He was right- but we didn't want to pay $40 for them, so he found this tutorial click here

They work great, the only thing we're trying to figure out is a better way of attaching. Taking off the tape is pretty painful- especially if you're as hairy as Stan.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Last Night I Won This

Grand Prize at The O- Club's Bingo Night

Fashion-forward yet confidently classic, enduring functionality in our new signature Op Art fabric.
Op Art sateen patchwork fabric with crinkle patent leather trim
Inside zip, cellphone, multifunction pockets
Fabric lining, zip-top closure
33” detachable strap with 14” drop
Double handles with handles with 5 1/2” drop
12 (L) x 12 (H) x 5 1/2 (W)

And I won this prize earlier in the evening-
I'll let you guess which one I am more excited about.

Two bingos in one night- I've been doing a lot of celebration dances:)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Elizabeth and Mariam

I'm so excited for my sister Michele's twin names. They had Elizabeth and Mariam picked out but then had changed their minds because of the meaning behind Mariam (a wonderful family name if I do so say myself). Is means bitter or sorrow etc.

Anyhow, I just checked facebook and it's finally official- Elizabeth Gabrielle and Maraim Abigail.

Now I can always say they were named after my Eliza Mariam!

ps- they're doing super good and in the step down nicu- off all machines and working on eating well. They're back up to birth weight and gaining-yeah.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Anybody out there a knitter? I need your advise.

I've looking into buying dpns (double pointed needles) for knitting socks and toys. I use the Denise interchangeable system for my regular knitting and circular needs, but they aren't designed to work for socks (or go smaller than size 5).

I've been looking around online for tips on the best length to buy. DPN's range from 3.5 in. long to 10 in. long. I don't know if I should get something in the middle like a 7 in. or what is the best option. Also- they come in so many varieties. I'm leaning toward bamboo. What do you think?

For the baby socks that I just knit I used my Denise interchangeable without the cords (I used size 6 and 7 so I'd have 4). Notice how short the needles are and how one size doesn't have a point? I think they turned out okay except that I is a whole inch shorter than the other. I haven't had the courage to unpick and fix it yet. Can I undo the Kitchner stitch? I'm not sure.
the pattern came for the Spud and Chloe blog I just found (and really enjoy). It's a free clearly written pattern, my first sock in the round and totally doable-- I just measured wrong on the 1st sock. Here's a link to the pattern.

So, any advise you have I'd welcome. ps- I'm thinking about trying spinning. Anybody know anything about that?

Friday, March 05, 2010

I have 2 new nieces

My oldest sister Michele had her twins yesterday at 34 weeks. Baby B's water broke at 31 weeks, so the fact that they made it so long is wonderful. They've already graduated to NICU 1. We hope they can stay there for the next few weeks.
They both look so much healthier than I was expecting and have hair- Elizabeth has lots of it-dark and curly too.
Michele with Baby B (they haven't agreed on a name yet) 4.6 lbs

Elizabeth 4.4. lbs

I'll add better pictures soon. These are the only ones we have- uploaded for my bro-in-law Christopher's cell phone. These girls are the recipients of that elephant quilt I've been working on and love.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

The Ross Sisters: Solid Potato Salad

I just watched this video and don't know what to think- I amazed and slightly horrified at the same time- and I'm a yoga instructor!

Solid Potato Salad

What do you think?