Friday, February 27, 2009

So Sweet

Today at dinner Eliza wanted more vegetables even though she wasn't eating her own. Israel had more you see. So she was complaining and then layed her head down facing away from me. Meanwhile I was busy dealing with crying Julia. I was working on the dishes and Israel was still happily eating when I realized Eliza hadn't moved in a while. She was knocked out cold and didn't even stir when I carried her to bed. It was so sweet. I'm not sure why it touched me, but while I had this warm feeling for my dear middle child I wanted record it here. What a life she has being in the middle. Israel is bigger and stronger and knows more while Julia needs so much more attention. I wonder sometimes if she just needs of Stan and me. She has been struggling going to preschool and Sunbeams recently and having lots of sad crying time. A few weeks ago I was praying and reading my scriptures and worrying about Eliza and what I got was that she needs more of me. When I give her more one on one her moods are so much better. (now to figure out how I can give her more consistently)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hi, my name's Chubby . . .

Israel just loves these jokes, but I only know 2 of them. I need some new material. . . . chubby, how do you smile though all that chubbiness; and chubby, stick your head out the window and tell me now fast we're going are the ones I've been repeating at our house. If you know any others please send them my way.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Groundhog's Day

We're still waiting for Brian's pictures, but here is a taste of the fun we had at our 8th Annual Hall Family Groundhog's Day Party. As always we ate groundhog stew, rolls, had treats and played plenty of silly games. Thanks all of the friends and family that came to celebrate it with us! Stan decorated the room with his impressive droundhog drawings. Notice the groundhog family that looks quite like us:)

Tubing at Rock Canyon Park

On Presidents Day we took the kids tubing again. We use a tube Stan bought at a yard sale. It's for water tubing, but we take it out of the casing so it's slick and fast. The whole family can go down together. Israel and Eliza are even really good about walking back up the hill, in fact, Israel wants to race every time. As you can see even Julia loved it. We were smart though, we didn't stay for too long and left while everybody was still happy (instead of waiting for crying to break up the party)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Conserving Water

If anyone is unhappy with their current water bill I have a solution for you. Get you youngest mobile child to climb up the toilet and attempt to use the flushing handle as a foot hold. Depending on their weight it might take a few attempts to accomplish the desired feat- a broken handle. Once this feat happens- esp. if it happens on a Friday afternoon right before a long (3 day weekend). When the only option is reaching into the tank to flush, you'll agree with "yellow mellow, brown down" water conservation. You will have to tell you older children over and over that yes, you know the toilet is broken, but otherwise it's a mostly painless method.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Out of the Mouth of Babes . . .

These have been on the side bar, but they were taking up so much space I haven't been adding to them. So I'm posting them here again- in case you missed them-and I'm going to try a new page element for future funnies.

I- when leaving our Brazilian friends, "Ka-chow, ka-chow" (good-bye lightning McQueen style) 11-6-08
I- "You have to be cute to be naughty" 11-7-08
I- "Simon says be like Jesus" 10-5-08
E-"I want a hotdog" me-"you had one last night" E- "No I didn't, I didn't eat it" Eliza 8-2-08
"A really bad witch is flying, they take away her broom and she breaks her bones and can't sweep anymore" Israel about a dream 6-10-08
"I already peeped" from Eliza when I asked if she needed to go potty- she's wearing big girl underwear today (6-10-08)
"You can marry Daddy and I'll marry Eliza, but who's going to marry Julia" Israel the concerned big brother 6-3-08
"Oh, oh no, I forgot my marbles" from Israel when we were trying to call him to prayer 6-2-08
"Stop loving, stop loving" what Eliza says whenever she sees Stan and I kiss

Silly Fears

I've been waiting for pictures to post our Groundhog's Day Celebration. We had so much fun this year. Our friend Brian took the pictures, but they haven't made it our way yet- soon you'll see our fun.

In the mean time- I'm nervous and excited-not in anticipation of the pictures, but because Stan and I are going snowboarding AGAIN tomorrow. We're thinking we might even have some good powder since it's been snowing a little down here in good ol' Provo. I'm one of those people who gets the nervous poops- just before a cross country race in HS, before a canyoneering trip, or a tough lead climb, OR just before I go snowboarding. So I know what I'll be doing tomorrow morning:) I haven't been on my board much in the past 6 years, so I'm hesitant to go fast, I'm slowly working on my turns and trying to gain confidence. The almost funny thing is that when we went last month Stan and I had a really good experience. If only I could quiet the voice in the back of my mothering mind reminding me that I can't die. If anyone knows how to overcome this fear, please pass it on. So wish me luck and safety tomorrow-and yes, I will again be wearing my snowboarding helmet.