Saturday, June 28, 2008

Week in Review

Where you can commonly find Israel. I'm having to limit his playing time and have no MarioKart days. He is getting good is anybody wants to give it a go. Israel and Eliza's cousin's came down to Provo and we went to the Earth Science Museum to see the dinosaurs, the Bean Museum (for dead animals), the Creamery (for ice cream of course), the library (for their uncle Derrick and the moving bookshelves), the Museum of Art, and then home again. Talk about taking good naps!

We tried to skip Eliza's nap and thought we'd just put her down at 7pm. Well, I came out of the bathroom and what did I find . . . out cold on our cement like floor.

AND believe it or not- Stan and I actually went on a real date late last night after all our babies were sleeping (although Israel did get up and brush his teeth while we were out). We saw Get Smart (the first movie we've paid full price for- 8.25 is pretty steep- in 2 years. We enjoy the dollar theatre and netflix) Anyway, it was really fun even if the movie didn't start until 10:15 and we didn't get home until after midnight. We felt young and spontaneous and in love. It was a really good night. We need to get more of them (even if our kids still woke up at 7 am this morning). Thanks Katie and Jason for babysitting.

On the Move

Doesn't Julia Michele look good in brown! Not only does she have my baby hair, but we think she's going to have my fall coloring. This is my favorite onsie- it's the first one she wears after the wash (not that it stays clean long- if we're lucky we sometimes get 24 hrs, but usually, well you know . . .) Moving for real . . .

Here she's actually cheering for Israel- he's playing MarioKart this morning on our Game Cube. Julia likes the sounds and cheers for her big brother.
I can't deny it any longer. Julia is crawling. I've been happy with the sitting and falling in the direction she wants to go, but she's really getting around now and it's hard to deny the evidence. Ask Israel about that one. She's good at moving from crawling to sitting and back again. Now I have to baby proof again:)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer Fun

We went to the Natural History Museum at BYU. Tthe kids had a great time seeing all the dinosaurs and running in circles. We didn't even see any staff until we'd already been there for a full hour. A nice old man took us behind the scenes to see pieces of a new dinosaur BYU's team just found in New Mexico or Arizona I can't remember which. Great morning diversion for a rainy day.
Israel finished his swimming lessons. He was happy to be done with them though- not liking to put his entire face in the water. Have you ever tried to get pictures at an indoor pool? Most were blurry or the lighting was off. This is one of the okay pictures, but he's giving me a silly face since he knows I'm taking pictures:)
Today we played in Maple Canyon. My sister Amanda came with us and all us adults were talking about the unique rock- cobblestone, it looks like round rock cemented in. We're all wondering HOW it was made, and Israel starts giggling, gives us a HUGE grin and says, "Silly, Jesus made it like that"
Camouflage- can you find Israel? He blends in quite well.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Israel's Find

While Camping at Crystal Hot Springs Israel found this huge tree stump (new word he just learned) and had to climb it. I did help him a little but he did most of the work himself. When he was up there a sudden commotion came from the tree as a large bird flew out of the tree. Israel, not even phased looked at the hole the bird came out of and said there were eggs. Hence I passed the camera and he took this impressive photo. The eggs are about the size of the eggs you'd find in the grocery store- pretty big.
While Israel still had the camera he took probably over 20 pictures. This self-portrait is one of my favorites.
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Stan's Frist Triathlon

Stan competed this past weekend in the Honeyville, UT sprint triathlon at Crystal Springs, this natural hot springs resort/camp ground. The whole fam. came to cheer on Dad, but after a night of little sleep thanks to Julia not really liking the "bed" we'd created for her, we didn't see a lot of the race. This first picture is Stan waking me up half- way in half-way out of the tent. We rushed to get dressed and over to the pool (blessedly close to our camp site) so we could see him swim- but we had to do potty trips and breakfast and feed Julia during the bike, sorry no pictures, but we did get to see Stan finish the run strong, worn out, and happy to have succeeded. He finished 29th out of 350 with a time of 1.14.46 not too shabby for his first time.

Laketown Park Fun

Eliza spent most of her time happily swinging and "pushing" other kids on the swings too!
Israel played with this cute 5 year old named Cora while we were at the park.
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Monday, June 02, 2008

The Snail Class with Beth

Israel started swimming lessons today and boy am I proud. He's in prewater exploration for 3 and 4 year olds and this is his first time taking lessons. Not only did he climb bravely into the pool- not whimpering at all, but he blew bubbles, played games and floated on his back and his tummy (and blew bubbles in this position). Not bad for his first time. He has 30 min. lessons all this week and next. I'll have to remember to bring the camera and get some pictures of my big boy.

Sunday, June 01, 2008