Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Super Secret Blog

So, I've had this Super Secret Blog for over a year now. And today, I'm going to be brave and share it with you.
I was inspired by the movie That is What I am. Go watch it now:)

I want to stand tall and tell  myself and my family, and my friends: "I am a writer, that is what I am."

My writing blog is I'd love for you guys to FOLLOW me on my journey. And tell me what you are too.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Feb. 2nd = GHD

11th Annual

Israel made groundhogs is space and in the ocean

Steve shooting Groundhogs for our Groundhog Stew

Playing "Pickup Groundhog Poop"

Tammy and Nadia

Pin the Teeth on the Groundhog
Julia and Christian were our spinners 

dizzy Mommy

Tossing cards into a hat
"it's all in the wrist"

Mia in action

Dessert: Groundhog Mounds (in sand since we live in the desert) 

Mormon Battalian Days

Jan. 28th we drove to Old Town San Diego for the festivities. We made rope, bricks, pioneer dolls, enlisted in the battalion (with a feather quill), learned to do laundry, roasted biscuits over a fire, listened to old time music, and marched in the parade. Israel's favorite, no suprise, was playing with the guns. Julia spent most of her time with the marble runs, and Eliza practiced hard on the stilts.