Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Even though we can't be with you today, we are celebrating that you are our dad. We miss you and love you so much.
From Israel: I love how Dad wrestles with me, how funny he is, and that he goes on fun trips and pays for us.
From Eliza: I love that Dad is funny and gives me good hugs and bike rides.
From Julia: I like that Daddy loves me and that he's a good ballerina stepper.
From Robin: So glad we're married and can be a family forever. You are such a good dad for our kids. Thanks for the time and energy you put into being involved in each of their lives. I love you.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

A picture post of the last few months

So I haven't been too good with the camera, so we don't have very
many pictures. but here's some from Easter and a few random ones thrown in as well.

Playing with Good Friends

Alan and Melanie came out from Phoenix to see us this past weekend and of course they brought their adorable baby Marianne, and 2 boys Peter and Andre.
This is one of those wonderful couples that both Stan and I get along with Alan and Melanie really well. That's not always easy to find for us with our unique interested, no desire to watch sports, and not being into reality tv shows. These guys we could live close to and be very happy-besides, they're really good cooks:)
No surprise here-we rock climbed, went swimming, made sushi like we did last time-thanks for the (sushi cups and roller and bringing the goodies), learned how to make this amazing bread in a dutch oven, played games, and just had an all around fun good time.

Eliza and Andre were inseperable. They're such close friends. Not only that, but they play together really well. No fighting or having to seperate them the whole weekend. I have to admit to day dreaming that they'll get married some day, but I'll remember not to tell Eliza that or it will certainly never happen:)
Eliza wrote him a note we need to put in the mail. So cute:

Julia and Peter played really well together as well, but there were a couple of times we had to break up an argument. Peter loved playing Wii games with Israel- the Indiana Jones and Starwars Lego games were his favorite. Julia kept calling Peter Petes. We thought it was so darn cute.

The big kids at the pool.
Jules and Petes

PS-I'm 17 weeks pregnant and starting to feel like a human again, so hopefully I'll be posting again.