Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Read The Book Thief- best book I've read in a really long time

Things we learned from cutting Eliza's hair

Well, I tried to cut Eliza's hair Sunday morning. I had cut it once before and it turned out okay, so I wanted to give it another go and when I mentioned it during her bath she wanted her hair cut right then (which turned out to be another 30 minutes later) anyhow, we had trouble in the staying still department and I was getting worried it would get too short, so I quit trying to even it out and put her hair in a ponytail for church. The evening we realized how crooked the cut was... so Monday morning I called the Hidden Clipper to get an appt. with my fav. stylist, one of the few I've actually known previous (she comes occationally to yoga). Kate is the one that thinned and textured my hair last fall and made it way more managable. Also- really cheap- 12 for a wash and cut (22 if you add the style). She gives lots of hair tips and has been cutting hair for about 7 years. Anyway, here's what she taught me as she cut Eliza's hair (and made her first appt. a positive experience) Part hair down the middle. Start at center back with chin tucked into chest. Cut straight across all the hair behind the ears. Next the tricky part- to make it match at the ears have her tilt head away from the side you're working on. Hold cut hair and hair to be cut together and then cut at a downward angle. She said if you try to cut straight you almost always cut up instead. Think A line. Keep head to opp. side as you cut that side. Do other side the same, and then bring hair forward. Make sure it matches but pulling down on both sides. To soften the front just cut the tips off the hair cutting upwards into the hair. Next for gentle layering. With little girls layer only the back (behind the ears) or else they're get lots and lots of extra wispys especially if like Eliza they have fine hair. Pick up a vertical section (again start in the middle) pull out from head then slightly turn it up- cut section in a C shape. Continue working on either side.
I know this stuff is really basic, but it is making me hopeful that I can cut her hair next time I try. Also, she said the hair needs to be really really wet to cut straight when hair is so fine. So, just in case you wanted these pointers, and so I wouldn't forget them, I'm sharing them with you. Next time you see Eliza check out her stylist do.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A few pictures

Julia modeling my snowboarding helmet. I'm so glad I wore it this week when Stan and I went to Powder (Thanks Michele!) I took a really hard fall after catching an edge and my head hurts still bad enough at it is. I don't want to even think about how bad it would have hurt without it.

I've started to crochet Amigurumi (stuffed animals made in spiralling rounds) Emily you might like this elephant, the pattern is free on-line from

Stan has been playing the mandolin more- it's been great to hear it again. His playing combined with all my piano playing now that I'm the primary pianist and really have to practice have make our house quite the musical place:)

Sunday, January 04, 2009

My Birthday!

Here's more pictures of me (Robin) on my birthday and the night before at the Hall Party celebrating Granddaddy Hall's birthday as well (Jan 2). We all had such a blast and I got an excuse to make a cake that I loved.

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Christmas with the Extended Hall Family

All the Cline and Neoma's posterity were together for Christmas- here's some pictures of our fun.
We had Grandma and Granddaddy Hall and Dana and Jason over for Christmas. I had so much fun cooking dinner and making pies and wassel.

Those cute skirts that all the little girls are wearing Dana Marie made.

Christmas Morning at the Halls

We had a happy relaxing morning enjoying Santa's surprises and being in our jammies. The kiddos were so happy to have all the "presidents"

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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me:)

Today was birthday number 30. I keep remembering how when I was a teenager 30 year olds were ancient. Oh how perspective changes:) Today was a nice relaxing day filled with no cooking on my part, naps, a luxurious bath, running a few errands (like finally getting my cell phone fixed) and playing with the family. It was also a day of Julia getting sick- she'd had a bit of a goopy eye in the morning, and I'd wiped it multiple times during the day. After her nap one eye was swollen and crusted over and she was super fussy. We determined after hours care would be worth it and not only did Julia have Pink Eye, but she also had an ear infection. Wonderful Stan took her to the doctor and got the Rx for me. Even with Julia getting sick, it was a wonderful relaxing day. Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me . . . and happy 2009!

Hopefully in the next day or 2 I'll have pictures of our Christmas adventures and fun of all the Halls coming together in Provo.