Sunday, July 15, 2012

April thru June. A picture story

For Easter

these guys and my brother Mike's family came to visit

we took them to Joshua Tree
 Celebrated Easter

And plucked EYEBROWS!

For Stan's birthday and Spring Break, we

flew on 6 planes

ate cake in VIRGINIA

with these guys

had a crazy time driving this
Learned video games really do teach you to drive and that Eliza has hay fever
Flew Home
watched JT do more and more amazing things (sit, crawl, eat, play, pull himself up, cut 6 teeth)

took this pic for my writing blog Come say hello if you get a chance

Had our piano recital. Eliza and Israel did great. Eliza even went up there ALL by herself!

Had our good friends the Christenson's come to visit-So FUN!
 Left the day after Israel finished 2nd grade and Eliza 1st to go
to Crawdad Canyon with the Robbin's fam

even JT was scaling the walls
 On Father's Day Stan drove home and
the rest of us went to Jane's house while I attended a writing conf.
 Then off to
Bear Lake
Amanda and Asher
 G and G Robinson
Hung out with
 my sisters

and G and G.

more fun at the lake even with Israel's corneal abrasion from JT (all better now)
Then drove my Mike's house and got frostys for the 1st time

Saying Goodbye was really hard.

We made it home, phew!

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Israel climbs in Indian Cove!

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Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®