Monday, August 23, 2010

1st day of 1st grade

1st grade
1st day Kg so you can see how much he has grown.

Israel had a great first day in school. The only complaints were that he didn't get enough turns at hot potato and a run in at recess with The Giant. Seriously he looks like he should be in 4th grade. He made Israel give him the basketball at recess without even saying please. I asked Israel why he gave The Giant the ball and he said he didn't want to get punched. Smart kid.

He talked all about his 3 recesses and Mrs. C reading Amelia Bedelia's 1st Day of School and all the new classroom rules. It's looking like it will be a great school year.

Let's just hope that Israel can keep clear of The Giant. At least they're not in the same class

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dr. Stanley Hall !!! (Ph.D.)

We did our 2nd road trip to Utah last weekend to celebrate Stan's graduation. We're all so thrilled to be done with school. His parents came out to celebrate with us and we all stayed at Dana and Jason's house. Just after he was officially hooded. Did you even know Stan's smile could get so big? That is one happy guy right there.
Everyone at the convocation- Amanda, Dad, Mom, Me, Stan, Mom Hall, Dad Hall, Dana in the back.
showing his hood

Israel, the future graduate:)

My good friend Liz graduated with Stan. She earned her master's degree and just moved this weekend to Claremont for her PhD- we're practically neighbors:) only 2 hours apart!

Dana was so sweet. While watching the kids for the general commencement she not only took care of 5 children, she also made these cute posters, decorated the room with balloons and streamers, and made Cafe Rio Chicken- yummo!
Eliza modeling her and Julia's new pop guns and awesome hiking boots. Don't you love the wool socks Stan got them?

Israel hanging out with Grandpa

Look at these kids sleeping. This is how we found them one morning. Julia's legs inbetween Israe's and Eliza's legs around Julia's neck.

July Utah Trip

I discovered most all of my pictures are of the kids with their cousins, but then that's what we went to Utah for in the first place. It had absolutely nothing to do with escaping the heat of 29 Palms in the summer. Well almost nothing to do with that, or that fact that Stan was gone to Boy Scout Camp:)

Visiting with Dana and her twins Arlo & Josiah (13 mo. in July)

Julia holding our newest member of the family. Jane's son Logan Cash (2 mo. in July)

Israel with Hannah and Hailey. They have such a good time together (esp. playing Wii)

Playing at Bear Lake with the Robbin's cousins (Kienan is getting buried)

Julia again holding a baby- this is Mariam, one of Michele's twins. Julia is such a little Mama:)

This is Elizabeth and Mariam on the quilt I made for their nursery. Mom did a great job on the machine quilting for me.

With the Robbin's cousins again. Israel and Sarah were good buddies.

Eliza riding in the back of the Dad's truck next to Bryce. I just love this picture, I'm not quite sure why.

Julia at Laketown's park.

Mom and Dad modeling the bocce ball game I brought up and we all had a blast playing.

Israel with good buddy Aidan who now lives in Florida. We were so happy to be visiting so we could hang out together. Aidan's mom Katie is one of my super good friends and we're writing pals as well. I sure miss being in the same building with the Purdies. Who'd have thought we'd end up on opposite sides of the US?
Mom and Dad with my kiddos on their front steps

See the arch above them? they had just finished rocking it that morning. The house is coming together really well. I only did a tiny bit of grouting, but I'm glad to have been able to help out a bit.