Sunday, May 28, 2006

Mommy Mumblings

I have been a mother for 2 years, 7 months, and 24 days. Since that time I've planned to create Mommy Mumblings, a weekly journal, or post, of my family. Like most things I've planned to do as a mother, they take a bit longer to get started than planned, and even longer to finish! I'll not try to go backward except in stating that my two children Israel Ashcraft Hall, and Eliza Mariam Hall were both born in the wonderful month of October, Israel on the 4th (2003) and Eliza the 3rd (2005). We've yet to have a birthday to figure out how we're going to handle that one! Both were born healthy- Israel on the top of the charts and Eliza on the bottom. In the midst of moving and the stresses associated with it, this is the first week in 2 months that we've had a breather- we have a buyer and no inspections occurred. Stan, my husband, can't get over how relaxed and beautiful I look this week. (I haven't minded the compliments.) Given some time to relax, to sleep (as much as 7 month old Eliza lets me), and having given myself permission to not stress has been wonderful. As much as possible I've tried to keep far from my thoughts the home inspection on Tuesday, and the packing, and all else involved. Obviously I need to keep working on this one. The added freedom has let me enjoy Israel and Eliza this week. I've been more patient and not had that guilty feeling because I'm letting Israel watch "Dorda" one more time while I make the house sparkle or putting Eliza in her swing again so I can mop the floor. Instead we've played outside more- my sidewalk drawings are hard to beat, and I can safely cross the street to visit Dixie, the little puppy across the street. Not only that, but Israel will hold my hand, pause at the curve, and look carefully up and down the street for cars, "all clear" and a strong yank come at the same time tells me it's safe to cross.he breaks into a run about halfway if I don't hold on tight enough- he's so excited he started squeeling as we enter the yard. Eliza and Dixie are pals. Dixie thinks Eliza is a good kisser, and I have to agree having received a few wet ones myself. If I were a dog, they'd be pretty good, sloppy ones. Eliza has discovered how to move- she's such a crawler and delights in pulling herself up- until she realizes she can't do anything else except fall down- at which point she cries out repeatedly. She's started sitting at the table with the family- Israel's out of his booster seat. He's so tall for a 2 year old. Eliza loves to be with us for dinner. We can't get away with eating without her. On Friday we tried to have a candlelight dinner before I & E were asleep. We're not moving our candles, so we're using them- we can't even burn them in Wymount Terrance - it's like the student housing is set to the same fire codes as our church buildings. Not a match is to be lit, not a lighter to be flipped, not a candle to be burned. Anyway, Eliza and Israel determined we weren't to eat alone both coming to the table to eat our delicious spagetti. Eliza sucked the sause off the noodles and devoured the bread from Daddy's lap that night. He's a big of a softy for his little girl. I can't blame him- her face lighting up, arms flapping, and legs kicking when she sees us after an absence. Thank goodness for our children, without them I might still be working a desk job and not found such joy in the home, or taken the time to discover other joys in my life- such as cake baking and yoga. I'm an oxygen mask mother, I take care of myself so I can take care of my babies and my Stan. Until next week . . . Hopefully I'll post bits of the week, joys in the home, and more Mommy Mumbling, so come on back!
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