Monday, June 12, 2006

More MM

Israel loves PeeWee the teacup chawawa that our close neighbors the Hollingsworth's adopted last month. There is a lot a squeeling and running around in circles when these two play together. Potty treats and book reading only worked so long for Israel. Now he's watching Dora movies while sitting on the Dora potty. No more fighting to sit on the potty, but he's also not telling us when he has to go yet. We hope that will come soon. We've been going strong for a week and a half though- that's something! Eliza has two teeth now- both bottom teeth are in. She's such a doll. Here's a picture of her in her Sunday outfit. We tried to get a picture on both of them before church, but Israel is into blocking out Eliza at the moment. Last week was the end of normalicy. We turned in all our notices at work and this week is the end of work for us- AND our time to pack pack pack. We're setting aside what we're living on for the next month and packing up everything else. We're going to be hating our clothes:) We found an endanged bird on Sat. on our trip to Ovett, MS. Israel loved using the binoculars- and looking at Dad's bird book. We'll make a birder out of him yet. After seeing the red cockaded woodpecker we picked gallons of blueberries in Sandhill, MS. Stan tried to tell our friend, whose farm we were on about our bird siting. It went something like this Stan: (said with great excitement) Have you ever heard of a red cockaded woodpecker?! Friend: Ya'll can call them whatever you want, we call them red headed woodpeckers. So about this corn I'm . . . Stan: (weak attempt while farmer explaining the poor dry soil)Well actually, the red cockaded woodpecker doesn't have much red on it. pause. Well, thanks for letting us pick you blueberries. Friend: Glad to have you. We don't pick much anymore and otherwise they just go to waste. Say, our cucumbers . . . End of conversation blip So far we've had blueberry cobbler, blueberry pancakes, and blueberry buckle. We've barely made a dent. We'll have lots to consume in this one week:) We're excited to soon be seeing all our family over the next month as we travel to our new home. Oh, if anyone knows how to remove crayon from beige carpet I'd love to know. Israel was a super artist this week. More next time . .

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