Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy Independence Weekend!

First we went to Dana and Jason's block party and had lots of fun. Israel and Eliza especially enjoyed the rides behind the tractor. Then it was up to Bear Lake with all my side of the family that's living in Utah (27 people)- with only 2 bathrooms between us getting all ready for 8:30 am church was an adventure and I don't know how we did it, but we were all on time. Jane and Bruce brought up 2 4-wheelers with those and Mom and Dad's Polaris Ranger we got pretty dirty having fun driving up Mill Canyon and up to Temple Flat.

Aunt Jan let Israel and Eliza ride their miniture horse/pony Squirt. They took the baby bunnies for a "walk" and did farm chores brushing down Squirt and taking water to the goats.

We also of course spent plenty of time at the lake. Stan practiced open water swimming and my brother Mike gave him some pointers on howto swim straight (a problem in the Provo Tri) I rode the wave boards with my sisters and we all made sand castles and tried to keep Julia from eating them. It was great to be in Laketown- it's a place I can easily allow my body to really relax and enjoy.

We also went to Minnetonka Cave in St. Charles, ID. It was a really fun, cool tour. We spent 90 minutes underground. Israel was Grandma's buddy the whole time and was so creative. The last picture is of a Stalagtite( or is it mite) called the groom. Israel saw it and said right off that it was a space ship taking off. I think his interpretation is much better:)

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