Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Jobs, Quilts, and Garage Sales

Stan had his final interview today for a job in 29 Palms, CA. They said we'd know by Friday. Cross you fingers for us. Look for a Friday post on that subject.

So, I'm almost done with my pinwheel quilt- all I have left is stitching the binding down. Here's my progress.
My quilt sandwich. Notice I pinned every single prairie point toward the center. That took a while.

Making my striped binding strips. I love striped bindings!
Last night as I was trying to finish attaching the binding I put a full twist in it instead. Stan wisely advised me, the not night person, to fix it in the morning when my head was clear. Boy was he right. It was a super basic quick fix at 9 am.
Cutting off all the extra batting and backing. For some reason this final step scares me every time.

Also, we have a load of stuff we're selling in the Wymount Garage Sale this Sat., so if you know anybody looking for "stuff", send them our way. Here's a big pile of our stuff, probably about half of what we're selling. The kids can't leave it alone, hence the impressive lack of order. After the 50millionth time I quit fixing it. Now I only try to keep the path clear.


Carma said...

Oh my goodness, is that mom's pfaff?? How is it working? Your quilt looks so fun!

Carma said...

How did you quilt this quilt?

Robin said...

Carm- it's from the modabakeshop.blogpsot. Isn't it so fun. The pattern is online there with pictures for each step. You can find it by scrolling down and selecting snippets on the left side in labels. It's the 3rd snippets project I think.

And yes, it's Mom's pfaff. The machine that keeps on sewing. It won't do embroidery stitches any more. Only straight and zigzag, but what it does, it does well. I took it to a pfaff repair guy and he couldn't figure out why they aren't woring. Sad the machine looks great, like it's been taken really good care of etc.

Robin said...

Oh, I quilted it with medium sized stippling and on the inner border 1/4 inch in on either side.