Monday, May 10, 2010

Playing Ketchup

I've been a posting slacker. Stan's birthday was on April 24th.

My Stan turned 32 years-old. He's really getting up there:) We had to be in Palm Springs for Youth Conference Training (we're going to be Ma and Pa's for the Trek) so we decided to make a day of it.
After training all morning we went to a nice park and played soccer, enjoyed the playground, had a fun picnic, and then Stan opened his presents with a lot of help from the kiddos.
Afterwards we went to How to Train Your Dragon in IMAX 3-D. Very cool experience, but in the future I won't take the girls-they wouldn't keep their glasses on.
Next a quick trip to the Mall to get Stan's watch fixed.
Then to a Brazillian Resturant (like Tucanos in Orem). We were very happy, well fed campers.
What a fun day to spend with my family!

Recent Funny Kid Statements:

Julia asking me to get her a specific food. Me- "That's not possible"
Julia- "I'm impossible!"

On Mother's Day Stan gave me lots of chocolate and caramel. I shared one with the kids and they wanted more.
Me- "You can only eat more if your name is Mommy"
Julia, after a little pause of thought, "My name's Mommy."

Israel loudly at church on Sunday after the Primary President told the Jr. Primary that she wasn't perferct, "You're not?"

Soon to come post: My Front Sight Experience and Israel's T-ball career. Can you believe he caught a fly ball on 1st base?

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Brian and Michelle said...

Happy Birthday, Stan! Robin, your kids must keep you laughing and on your toes all the time! I'm excited to hear about Israel's catch. That sounds pretty impressive for a (6?) year old!