Tuesday, November 23, 2010

50 Free Snapfish Cards

Checking the mail and getting Christmas cards from our family and friends is one of our favorite things that we get to do each Christmas Season. We love to see how everyone has grown and what is new and good in so many lives. We also appreciate the fellowship in Christ as so many celebrate his birth.

We hang our cards on ribbons on the walls of our entryway each year. So we really like getting those cards early:)

If you're like me and looking around for the best deal for Christmas cards this year- check out Shutterfly. I really like their "easy to navigate" site. It's sinly to add, organize, and order from them. Would you like to get 50 free Christmas Cards from Shutterfly? I sure would, so I'm telling you all about them. I have used Shutterfly and found many great deals and high quality photos.
Here is the Christmas card we're thinking about:  Pretty Poinsettia
It is elegent and classy- AND it's a 5 by 7 folding card. I like how the card actualy says Merry Christmas and it's perfect for the family shot we like to put on our cards. Plus- you can write your Christmas letter inside the card and it will be printed and ready for you. No extra work!

Here's the link to the Christmas Cards:
 And they don't just have cards but also photo books, calendars, mugs, and more!
I recently went to a Shutterfly Photo Book party and I was really impressed. The books are just gorgeous and much easier to put together than I had imagined. Look out Julia, you might just get your baby book!

follow this link to find out how you can get 50 free Christmas Cards HERE.

Merry Christmas!

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Brian and Michelle said...

Cool! I am a new user of Shutterfly, so I'll definitely check it out!