Monday, November 07, 2011

Blessing Day Nov. 6th 2011

We blessed Joseph Teancum yesterday before my parents had to leave to go back to Utah. It was really special to have them there with us. I've never brought such a young baby to church. He was only ten days old. He did great for all of sacrament meeting and didn't cry during his blessing.
Michele lent us this blessing outfit she made for my nephew Joshua (I think) and gave us this beautiful blue blanket. It's as soft as can be too.

I added this picture because I like it so much. I don't often like pics of myself.

With Grandma and Grandpa Ashcraft. They were such a wonderful help this past week cooking, cleaning, running the kids, and playing with Julia so she didn't feel left out. I love you Mom and Dad!

Stan gave Joseph a name and a blessing. A few of the things he blessed his with were to grow strong and healthy and have a pure soul, to have the power of God to administer to his brothers and sisters, to serve faithfully like Joseph of Old, and to have a great posterity.

I just love this picture of Israel holding his brother. These two are going to be pals. Israel's already decided. He's excited for all he's going to teach his brother.

The one family picture that doesn't look awful. Getting 6 people looking the right direction and smiling is going to be a challenge!


Aubrey Jane said...

Wow, Robin, you look incredible! That is a great picture of you and Joseph. What a beautiful family of six. Still can't wait to hear the birth story, I keep checking but I am sure you are busy!

ddogwife said...

Thanks for sharing! His Daddy's Blessings were beautiful. (Made me tear up!) :-) Such a special and beautiful baby boy!

Amy said...

Thanks for sharing! So cute! And your older kids are growing up so fast. Also, I agree with Aubrey - you look FANTASTIC!

Brian and Michelle said...

You look beautiful! I love the picture of you holding Joseph. I can't believe how big Israel is!

Christenson Family Blog said...

He is a cute little guy!! Can't wait to meet him!