Monday, November 16, 2009

In the Hot Seat

My meeting with Mr. Principal was a bit intimidating at first- you'd think I'd be over that since I'll all grown up and all, but I didn't enjoy it in the least.

We sat and looked at Israel's attendance report and he kept on telling me all these stories of kids with 54 excused absences or taking 3 weeks for funerals etc. I wanted to focus on Israel and the laws, but it was difficult to keep steering him on target.
He said of the 14 letters sent I'm 1 of 3 actually meeting with him. He said as long as we keep them informed of his absences in the future and do the make-up work everything should be fine. I said what about SARB? Aparently we're not enough of a problem for that yet, just keep communicating.

Me- I have been communicating, we've been doing all the make-up work. What more are you expecting?

Him- just keep communicating

see how helpful the discussion was?

Me- so the issue is funding, correct?- you only receive money for actually attendance

Him- we just need the children to come to school (another boring story followed)

see how open he was with me on the issues?

I did get a few questions answered, but not what I was hoping.

I left knowing
1. no SARB yet
2. no court date
3. no fine
4 "keep communicating"
5. I don't like CA school system or it's laws


Robin said...

I just realized I should have told him 5 of the absenses were before Israel turned 6. If we have future issues I'm definately bringing that to the table.

Sheree said...

what a horrible system! ugh, poor guy...what kind of principal doesn't understand the issues that MAY come up for an absence and see that maybe the most important thing is that they're healthy?? okay, i'll stop ranting but really? does HE have kids?