Monday, November 23, 2009

W. I. P.'s

1 almost done, 2 to go on my Sewing Organizer from Flossie Bottoms. The tutorial is in 3 seperate posts. There are lots of little steps, but it's very doable. Also, I was confused on the scissor triangle part- I commented on her post and she emailed me that same evening with the answer. I love the little trash compartment- top right- it velcros on and off. Also, bottom leftcorner is a needle and pin holder (currently snapped closed). It folds into 3rd and has a strap I haven't added yet.

You can see here my more creative free motion quilting. As usual I stuggle with my machine's tension, so you can see the blue thread coming thru- I didn't fix it on purpose this time because I liked the effect on the plain brown fabric.

My 1st applique project: A pink elephant baby quilt. I'm in love with the results. With applique, not so much. Here's a sneak peak.

Dolly Diapers- A definate work in progress. I got the idea from Make it and Love it here, but she doesn't give a pattern, so I went thru lots of practice runs. I've made 2, but have 6 more to go and if I have time, little changing pads to go with them.


Brian and Michelle said...

I love the applique! It is really pretty. And the sewing kit is wonderful! When do you find time to do all these projects?

Sheree said...

wow! you are crafty!

Cassie said...

Hey, Makeitandloveit is my cousin's blog! I just saw a facebook comment, so I decided to stalk your blog. I miss our yoga sessions. It's not every day you get personal instruction. Hope you're doing well!