Friday, February 05, 2010

Groundhog's Day Extravaganza

For this year's party we invited 5 couples that we really thought (and hoped) would be able to be goofy with us. We were not disappointed.

Stan and I by the Groundhog's day banner Stan made- his artistry always amazes me.

We ate groundhog stew, yummy bread sticks, cheese and crackers, and 7 layer dip to start off our evening.

Israel's groundhog- his shadow is the grey one to the left (although I'm sure you all figured that out already)

Heather Ann won the guessing how many gummy groundhogs were in the jar-AND she generously shared with all of us:)
Sergio won the "throwing cards into a hat" game (5 out of 10) and had the honor of donning the hat to read Phil's Prognostication - more winter.
The start of our Groundhog Poo Pick-up game (a version of skittles if you've ever played that game- let me know if you want the details) Heather Ann also won this game- she was an amazing pooper scooper!

Matt won the funniest Groundhog's Day Memory (let just say we all had plenty of creative license)

Here's his story:
So there I was, knee deep in the swamps of Vietnam. Chesty on my right, Daly on my left. Today's mission, find that Groundhog . . . and destroy him. Then out of nowhere, Charlie the Groundhog charged. It was a nightmare. Carlie saw his shadow. Chesty got another Navy Cross, Daly his second Medal of Honor. Me? I got this scar, courtesy of Charlie the Groundhog
note: Matt is a Marine and Chesty and Daly are Hero Marines from the past.

We ended the evening with Phil's Favorite Treats (kettle corn) while watching the last 15 minutes of the movie.

Thanks for all the fun guys! We're already talking about next year.


Thompson Family said...

sounds like a fun night!

Amanda said...

Wow, Stan. I am super impressed with the poster! It's even better than last year's. Hopefully Israel inherited your art skills and not Robin's. ;)

Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun. Excited to see you soon!

Becky said...

i am going to steal this idea and celebrate groundhog day in style for the rest of my life! i looove the movie.

Robin said...

Becky- I'm so glad you're going to start celebrating Groundhog's Day. It is really so much fun to do.

Keiko said...

Wow, Stan's poster is great! Is groundhog stew special stew? I'm curious about groundhog poo pick-up game:) It sounds like you guys had a fun time!

Derrick and Katrina Lewis said...

This was sooo much fun! And that kettle corn was delicious. We definitely have to do it again next year!