Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Anybody out there a knitter? I need your advise.

I've looking into buying dpns (double pointed needles) for knitting socks and toys. I use the Denise interchangeable system for my regular knitting and circular needs, but they aren't designed to work for socks (or go smaller than size 5).

I've been looking around online for tips on the best length to buy. DPN's range from 3.5 in. long to 10 in. long. I don't know if I should get something in the middle like a 7 in. or what is the best option. Also- they come in so many varieties. I'm leaning toward bamboo. What do you think?

For the baby socks that I just knit I used my Denise interchangeable without the cords (I used size 6 and 7 so I'd have 4). Notice how short the needles are and how one size doesn't have a point? I think they turned out okay except that I is a whole inch shorter than the other. I haven't had the courage to unpick and fix it yet. Can I undo the Kitchner stitch? I'm not sure.
the pattern came for the Spud and Chloe blog I just found (and really enjoy). It's a free clearly written pattern, my first sock in the round and totally doable-- I just measured wrong on the 1st sock. Here's a link to the pattern.

So, any advise you have I'd welcome. ps- I'm thinking about trying spinning. Anybody know anything about that?


Tammy said...

Definitely invest in the bamboos, you'll be glad you did! I find that when I'm knitting socks, especially with a very small needle size, the 7 inch works for me, and I don't worry about any of the stitching falling off. Good Luck! I think you did a fantastic job on your first pair!

Robin said...

Thanks Tammy,
I tried to find your email but it's not on your profile to say thank you!