Saturday, April 03, 2010

Me, Liz, downtown LA, and Claremont, CA

Last weekend my good friend Liz was in Claremont checking out a PhD program she was accepted to (making that big should I move and do this program decision). Claremont is 2 hours from me and about 30 miles outside of LA. The second I took the Claremont exit I was surrounded by the most pleasant, appealing, and safe feeling community. I really hope Liz moves there so we can get together more often.

Stan kept the kids for me so we could spent the day together. We decided to be adventurous so we headed for LA's fabric district. I was armed with a GPS, printed directions, and an incredible guide from Dana at Made one of my all time favorite blogs. We had a super fun, tiring time. We did get lost, but only 1 time, all the stores were so fun and I was able to get some serious steals on fabric. It was quite the experience. We even saw a protest rally. When we got back to the car and realized we hadn't taken a single picture Liz took one of me by the car. I know, goofy, but what can I say.

Next we went back to Claremont and enjoyed the gorgeous botanical gardens and all the unique signs inside of it. I couldn't resist taking a picture of each of them. I hope you think they're as funny as we did.

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