Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pegasus by Robin McKinley and finally a bit of an update

So, it's been forever since I posted.  We've been busy and enjoying our Christmas Break and getting to see my brother I hadn't seen in 3 years, and being horribly sick for two weeks, and then just getting back into the swing of school and work and piano lessons. Transitioning Israel off the Wii (after his new lego games from Christmas) hasn't been easy and for the 1st time ever homework has been a fight. 

Some of you know that I go in an volunteer in Israel's class on Wednesdays-yesterday, Max, one of the kids, asked me what my job was. When I told him that I stay home and take care of Israel and his little sisters. Max asked, incredulous, "You're a babysitter?" Even though I explained the difference he was still mystified.

Our computer is not acting right at the moment, so no pictures right now. Soon I'll probably post way too many and bore everyone except maybe my mother-in-law:)

Big things this past month-we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary buying a much needed new bed- AND we got it in KING size, much to our excitement.  It's a generic of the dream bed I layed on in Brookstone a few months back that we bought on amazon-high density foam beds are amazing.  This one came vacuum packed and I couldn't believe that what was inside the box was a bed and I was terrified we'd made a horrible mistake even after all the wonderful reviews. BUT after following the directions and struggling it out of the wrapping to sit and return to original shape it turned out absolutely wonderful.  We've only had it for 2 nights, but I LOVE this bed.

Now on to Robin McKinley my long time favorite author who won me at a young age with Beauty and then again with The Blue Sword and The Hero and the Crown.  I have read all her books and only been disappointed in Dragonhaven's 40+ page epilogue. Isn't this cover wonderful? I keep staring at it happily. I want to be there, in that meadow- the Pegasus is optional.

Pegasus did not disappoint and reminded me of my first readings of her Damar books (not that it was anything the same and a completely different world of people and creatures). I lay on my new bed today with the quilt my mom helped me make when I was sixteen that has been hiding for the past year. I pulled it out to put on our king size bed and I was taken back to my basement room on Huntcliff Trail. 
Sylvi our main character is a princess being bound to her pegasus. As usual I don't want to tell you any more-even that on the leaf flap, because it always tells too much. What I will say, if read this book-wonderful fantasy-clean, interesting, wonderful.  Five hours after finishing it I am still right at the climax where the book ended. Yup, ended. It has a sequel not even coming out until some undetermined date in 2012- isn't that awful? Never before has she done this to me. My chest is still bursting with the wait AND  it'll be forever. I liked the book so much that I'm actually buying it.  I read a lot of books, but buy not even 1%, so that should tell you something.

Happy reading, and look for more from us soon (when crazy computer is more happy:)

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