Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

The girls and I made up these songs last week. We've been singing them and laughing and hope you enjoy them too!

Love's Day
(to the tune of Row, Row, Row your Boat)
I love Love's Day
I love Love's Day
I love Love's Day
The best day of the year.

Valentine's Colors
(to the tune Alluetta)
Pink, red, white, and purple
These are Valentine's colors,
But the color we love best
Is purple, purple, purple!

We hope your day is filled with hearts, hugs, and lots of candy

Eliza woke us up at 5:05 this morning, so excited to wish us Happy Love's Day and then wake up all her siblings. As a reward I think they're all going to get a nap today. Stan and I shouldn't have stayed up so late playing WiiFit Plus last night:)


I just saw that the Cybils book awards were announced today- as a book lover I feel that it's rather appropriate that they chose Valentine's Day. I've been looking over the list and getting all excited about more books for Israel and me to put on hold at the library. I think I'll take a moment here to tell you how much I appreciate libraries-without them, I don't know what I would do. I certainly can't afford to buy all the books I read (although after I read them if it's a super read sometimes I do spoil myself). I visit the library more often than the grocery store. Even as small as ours is here in 29 I'm so glad we have it.
Here's the link to the Cybils in case you're interested too.

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