Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Day of School

We home schooled Eliza for kindergarten, but this year we've put her into public school with Israel. She's in 1st grade with Mrs. L (who also goes to our church) and she is super sweet, in control, soft spoken, and willing to work with Eliza and help her transition. Thank you Mrs. L-I feel comfortable knowing she is in your class and you're watching out for her.

First Day Pics:

First Day Feelings:
Israel hit the lottery, his 2 best friends from 1st grade were in his same class (Mrs. C). We're hoping with the changes because of high enrollment that he'll still be with at least 1 of them when the new teacher is hired. He told us right off the bat that 2nd grade wasn't as fun as 1st grade and that Kg was the best (who could disagree with that?) He's comfortable with new situations and had a really good start.

Eliza wanted school to start so she could play on the playground! But that first day she was really nervous. She didn't cry (even though pg me did, but not until I got in the car). She sat in her chair and although she didn't participate much that first day she made it through the day. I waited for the phone to ring the whole time she was gone. At 2nd recess she saw Israel and he helped her be happy. It's hard being in school when you're new, have never done the routine and don't have any friends (besides being too shy to make them). At pick up she wouldn't even look at me she was so sad and told me she didn't want to go to school again.

Julia missed her playmates, I'm just not as fun at dollhouse as Eliza is, so we did special things like making cookies and cutting her hair.

How they're liking school a week later:
Israel is having a blast. He likes what he's reading, enjoys his teacher and is making new friends. Can you imagine a class with 38 kids in it? He can.

Eliza still needs me to walk her to her seat, but once she's settled in she's okay. This morning she showed me her new science book with all the animals! Mrs. L even said she answered a question in class the day before, so things are going better and she's found a friend. Thanks Abby!

 Julia didn't want to be left out, so she had a first day of school picture too-and here she is playing the banjo with Daddy. She's getting used to special time with Mom and today we started Teach your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.

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