Friday, July 15, 2011

Utah Trip Week 4: Part 2

The big Ashcraft Family Reunion-30 people in 2, 12 people cabins up at gorgeous and masquito infested Island Park, Idaho (about 30 min. from West Yellowstone entrance)
Stan enjoying the hottub with the kiddos one morning. Don't worry, we didn't have the temperature up very high.
Fishing on the the Buffulo? River. Grandma and Grandpa taught all the kids how to cast and let them play as long as they were interested.  Even with all the fishing that went on during the 4 days we were there, nobody caught anything-not even my expert bro-in-law. Good thing we hadn't planned on eating off the river!
Julia with cousings Jessica, Jacob on Emily's lap, and Hannah.
Israel learning from Grandpa.  He worked at it for a really long time and was sad when he still didn't catch anything. Fishing can be tough for kids.
Walking the slackline. Cousin Kienan pictured, is really good at it and all the Robbin's boy and Stan had a great time playing on it. Israel learned to take a few steps on his own. Not easy.
Eliza with cute cute 7 mo. old baby Asher.
Me with my nephew Sean soon to be missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
We did this beautiful little hike to the Upper Mesa Falls. Lovely little hike, plenty of shade, and breathtaking waterfalls. I kept on thinking of Super Man rescuing Lois Lane from Niagra Falls.
The happy Hall girls
Israel giving us the "oh, no, I don't want to fall in" pose.
Saying goodbye to family was hard. Here I am with my dad (and Israel of course)
What a great vacation we had. Thanks for all the people who gave us food and beds and let us invade their homes. We love our extended family and are looking forward to next July when we hope to go to Utah next.

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Anonymous said...

You know, I don't think there's a single picture I've seen on your blog where Israel isn't smiling like a maniac! What a goofball xD!