Wednesday, December 28, 2011

JT is 2 months old!

5 wks old- our little elf

6 wks old-my fav. outfil

being tortured by silly Julia-he puts up with a lot!

smiling-he's my easier baby to make smile and coo

Christmas Day-2 days shy of 2 months

in his sleepy wrap. This thing is magic-I understand why it's called a sleepy wrap. It puts him right to sleep. We use it for all our outings (which at this point is only the library, park, and grocery store)
We love our JT- he still has those gray blue eyes and darkish hair. He's a tummy sleeper and he doesn't mind his car seat. We've been doing EC and cloth diapers this time around and I love them, just prefolds and covers, we haven't had any blowouts and he's only gotten wet a few times-each our fault for not changing him or putting the cover on wrong.

He had his first babysitting adventure last night. We left him for 2 hrs for our anniversary and he did great (Thanks Angie!). He loves staring at the Christmas lights and ceiling fans. He's already 15 lbs-it's crazy he's so big. We're rotating into 3-6 month clothing already. We're still working on sleeping at night-I can often get 5 hours and Christmas Eve Eve he slept for 8, but that's the only time. He sleeps in his bassinette initially then I keep him in bed with me. He loves to sleep snuggled into my armpit. It's tricky to get out of bed without him waking in the morning. I recently discovered when he's mellow I can feed him, knit, and read from my propped up kindle:)

We're so glad JT has joined our family. Even in all the craziness of having a newborn and now being a mom of FOUR it is so sweet to hold our little guy, to reaffirm the plan the salvation and know that he is a gift from God.

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Amanda said...

What a cutie! While I can't believe he's already 15lbs, what I really can't believe is that you can nurse, knit, and read all at the same time. That is some serious talent!