Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pinewood Derby Winner

Israel and Stan made an awesome car for his first pinewood derby race. Stan didn't want Israel to lose (like he always did) so we talked to my brother Mike and then watched all these youtube videos about what he told us to do, spent more money than I was expecting on these little bits that attach to our drill, and make a super fast car.

Israel won 1st place for our pack, 1st place for wolves and will be going to the District pinewood derby in March (I didn't even know we had district races). He was a graceful winner. I'm so grateful for my Israel, he is conscious of other people and doesn't poke fun. He asked me this morning if he could give his trophy to his friend who didn't win anything.
cutting the car-Israel chose the easiest option (only 2 cuts)- with some persuasion. It helped that we told him he had to do the cutting:)

Sanding-Israel did not enjoy this LONG process. On the right our drill has the special mandril Stan bought to sand the tires.

The winners circle
1st-Israel, 2nd-Grayson, 3rd-Landon

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hilary w said...

That is so amazing that Israel wanted to give his trophy away! What a sweet boy.