Sunday, January 22, 2012

This Time . . .

Things We've Done Different This Time Around
1. Had our baby at home
2. Given him oral Vit. K and no eye drops (since I don't have chlamydia)
3. Used cloth diapers (and wool-I am enamored by wool-that stuff is amazing, I'll tell anyone foolish enough to ask me all about it)), not from day 1, but since 2 wks old
4. Used EC (elimination communication) basically we're training ourselves to put JT on the potty when her has to poop. Some days are good and some don't work at all, still, since we cloth diapering, when it does work we're happy.
5. Babywearing (and not because I wanted to either- JT demanding it and didn't like any of the carriers we already had- not my premax baby sling, not the baby bjorn either. He loves his sleepywrap and besides the annoyance of wrapping it, it is the most comfortable baby carrier I have ever used with any of my children, hands down. We also have an Ergo, #2 in most comfy-quicker to use and in this lime green color I adore)

Things We've Done the Same
1. Slept him on his tummy in the same little bassinet/car carrier that I slept in as a baby (yes, you read that right-and I don't think I was the first Ashcraft to use it either.)
2. No binky-we did try this time, but not that hard
3. No bottle (too time consuming when I'm here all the time anyhow. Yes, I'd love some freedom, but I am so dang lazy-pump, sterilize bottles, warm them properly-I'm a walking zombie, it's not going to happen)
4. Use Costco's Kirkland wipes-best thing on the planet. Even though we use cloth diapers I haven't tried reusable wipes yet.
5. Let him stay in our bed once he wakes up at night-we've been lucky this go round-often he doesn't wake up until 5, most all nights at least not until 3

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