Friday, May 09, 2008

2 years Later . . .

Well, I found our old blog and finally figured out how to get on it, so here I am again:) We were new to blogging back in 2006 and set up 4 different family blogs-vacations, kids, yoga and I've been struggling to put them all together into this one. Maybe in a few weeks I'll have it all together, I need more computer skills!

Quick update: We have another girl Julia Michele, born Sept. 28th. She's such a happy cute kid and looks extremely like Eliza did at her age. She actually likes to sit, unlike Eliza who was always on the move and cruising furniture before she ever sat. Julia has 4 teeth already and loves to smile and find her daddy and big brother Israel. She has lots of attention from her siblings. Eliza even lovingly shares her precious white silky blanket when Julia's sad. Here are a few pictures of the family:

Israel and Eliza at THE CAVE WELLING in Southern Arizona

Stan celebrating his 30th BIRTHDAY at his sister Susan's house in El Paso, TX
Robin climbing at The Cave Dwelling in Southern AZ, my first OUTDOOR BOULDERING experience.

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