Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Goofy Family

Here I am with 4 of my siblings and their spouses on our very exciting bowling date at All-Star Lanes in Sandy, UT. We're all pretty pathetic, but most of us got a few strikes and Michele and Janeen, 2 of my older siblings bowled their best games. We had lots of laughs at our impressive abilities- Jane's bum wiggling before each turn, Stan's between the legs bowling (that didn't go in the gutter, but then it didn't hit either of the split pins either). Janeen fell in the lane and Bryce showed off his impressive wrist flick. All in all it was a fun night- even if when we got to Fudruckers they had already closed their shake machine.
Thanks for playing--next sibling date night- lazer tag!

Here's Israel's happy face. You can see half of Aiden, his good friends face on the left. They LOVE to place together and have a lot of fun being bad guys, or super heros, or pirates, or playing cars. Israel being goofy this morning with a pair of Julia' pants. They're pretty thick, so it almost looks like bunny ears!
Eliza being a super cutie and actually smiling for me, something you don't see every day. This morning while Israel was saying we were all Spider Boy, Spider Mommy, Spider Daddy, and Spider Girl, Eliza told me she was a Super Princess!
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