Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Heat and the lead wall

We've been waiting so long for the nice pleasant Spring weather to come and now it appears that Summer is here in all her glory. It's supposed to reach 90 today and we're wanting to put our A/C window unit in. Last year we just had this plexiglass above the unit that would fall out any time the wind was strong or the door was slammed, so I've told Stan we need something better this year. He wants me to come up with what that will be. Any brilliant ideas please pass our way.
My sister Amanda and I climbed again on the lead wall today. It's been really hard to get back on since Julia was born. You feel your mortality when you're up there- even though I know it's safe as safe can be- when I'm up there, I doubt. I take deep breaths and tell myself it's not that bad- this is just a 10b, but sometimes, I lose the mind game and request TAKE! Today was the best I've done, I did a flashed a 5.9 and a 10a on the lead wall, and got halfway up the 10b, but then tired arms combined with the leaning wall combined with not wanting to die, I chickened out and took 4 times after almost each of the last clips. It's frustrating, but gives me something more to work towards next time. That's part of why I climb. I know I can do it- on a 10b I'm conquering myself, not so much the wall. Besides, I have to get good again before SuperHero Chuck comes down in August.

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