Saturday, June 28, 2008

Week in Review

Where you can commonly find Israel. I'm having to limit his playing time and have no MarioKart days. He is getting good is anybody wants to give it a go. Israel and Eliza's cousin's came down to Provo and we went to the Earth Science Museum to see the dinosaurs, the Bean Museum (for dead animals), the Creamery (for ice cream of course), the library (for their uncle Derrick and the moving bookshelves), the Museum of Art, and then home again. Talk about taking good naps!

We tried to skip Eliza's nap and thought we'd just put her down at 7pm. Well, I came out of the bathroom and what did I find . . . out cold on our cement like floor.

AND believe it or not- Stan and I actually went on a real date late last night after all our babies were sleeping (although Israel did get up and brush his teeth while we were out). We saw Get Smart (the first movie we've paid full price for- 8.25 is pretty steep- in 2 years. We enjoy the dollar theatre and netflix) Anyway, it was really fun even if the movie didn't start until 10:15 and we didn't get home until after midnight. We felt young and spontaneous and in love. It was a really good night. We need to get more of them (even if our kids still woke up at 7 am this morning). Thanks Katie and Jason for babysitting.

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