Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer Fun

We went to the Natural History Museum at BYU. Tthe kids had a great time seeing all the dinosaurs and running in circles. We didn't even see any staff until we'd already been there for a full hour. A nice old man took us behind the scenes to see pieces of a new dinosaur BYU's team just found in New Mexico or Arizona I can't remember which. Great morning diversion for a rainy day.
Israel finished his swimming lessons. He was happy to be done with them though- not liking to put his entire face in the water. Have you ever tried to get pictures at an indoor pool? Most were blurry or the lighting was off. This is one of the okay pictures, but he's giving me a silly face since he knows I'm taking pictures:)
Today we played in Maple Canyon. My sister Amanda came with us and all us adults were talking about the unique rock- cobblestone, it looks like round rock cemented in. We're all wondering HOW it was made, and Israel starts giggling, gives us a HUGE grin and says, "Silly, Jesus made it like that"
Camouflage- can you find Israel? He blends in quite well.

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