Sunday, October 05, 2008

Happy Hall Birthday!

I don't want to commit to really posting consistantly again, but wanted to at least give a Happy Birthday Cheer to my 3 kiddos, now 5, 3, and 1. Here's some pictures from the fun. We had a party at Nelson Grove Park in Orem- gorgeous park if you've never seen it. The only down side we could discover- you can't fill up water there. We sent a friend to fill up our Gott cooler somewhere else- we were quite thirsty on our hot Sat. afternoon. (The pavilians aren't covered)

For some reason I can't seem to move my pictures around- sorry about the weird order, I'm too tired and lazy to try to figure it out any better.
Israel opened this ball first and ran off to play with it with Nathan and Travis. We didn't open all their presents because they didn't even want too. Playing was too fun.
There were a lot of balloons at the party- I'd learned how to make ballon animals and we'd gotten helium filled balloons -that got horribly tangled- and Aunt Dana brought balloons too. What a party

Julia happy with her link toys

This lady bug cake took an entire jar of no taste red coloring to be this red. Julia was happy until it was gone.

Israel and Eliza shared the sheet cake- it took some help to get the candles blown out- thanks Uncle Jason
Eliza got 2 sets of wings from both her Hall aunts- she loves them.

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