Monday, October 27, 2008

What October Brings

Israel is going to be a cowboy for the 3rd year in a row for Halloween. This year there is no way he's going to squeeze into the Woody costume he wore the las 2 years, so we're making this one on our own. Stan has been wanting Israel to have cowboy boots for quite a while so I told him now's your chance, take him shopping before Halloween and it can be part of his costume (the only purchase this year besides candy:) We're borrowing a doggy costume for Julia from my sister Jane and a fancy princess costume from Andrea in our ward. Thanks for helping me be lazy this time around.

Getting mono really did a number on me. I had all these Christmas plans that I've scratched and halloween ideas I've not done. I learned that it's okay if my house isn't clean when people come over and that I can wear jammies all day long too. We finally do have 2 mini pumkins by our door thanks to our preschool field trip to the Vineyard's Pumpkin Patch.
One thing I'm still doing is taking the Fondant Wilton Cake Decorating Class. I'll post my first cake too (Thanks Michele and boys for helping us eat it.) I like to make cakes, but only enjoy eating so much.

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