Friday, December 19, 2008

Israel's First Lost Tooth

Israel with all his teeth AND Grandma Ashcraft (picture take last Sunday at the Ashcraft Christmas Party)

We were surprised to discover that Israel was loosing his first tooth (as mentioned below in Israel Funnies), but excited at the same time. I had so much fun telling Israel all about the tooth fairy and reminding him to wiggle his tooth as much as he could. I am forever grateful for some nice climbing guys at The Quarry who played with the kids and blew bubbles with the kids and then encouraged Israel to pull his tooth out all by himself after he had showed his new friends how loose it was. They were encouraging him to just yank it out- just reach right in there and pull it out- and he did! Stan and I hadn't wanted to do it ourselves. Israel wrote the tooth fairy a note explaining how brave he had been in pulling out his tooth himself and the tooth fairy was so impressed she gave Israel extra quarters.

Aunt Dana told Israel what a good tooth puller Grandma Hall was, so we know you're very proud of him Grandma:)

PS notice the tooth already growing in.

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