Friday, December 19, 2008

Our Surprise Trip

Stan surprised me with an early anniversary trip. I didn't think we'd get to celebrate since all the Halls are coming together the week after Christmas (during our anniversary). He set up baby sitting- Thanks so much Dana and Jason, Jimmy and Mallory, and Kira! We had lots of fun. We stayed in Midway at the Invited Inn run by Bill and Susi. They were very kind and helpful during our stay. We ate at Snake Creek Grill (owned and operated by the chef). It was at Bill's recommendation and located nearby in Heber. We recommend both the Inn and Snake Creek Grill. The only trick with the resturant is that you have to park a bit in front of it in front of other resturants and walk on the boardwalk to the Grill. We were confused about how to get to it at first. Excellent service. We split everything- apetizer (their loaded flatbread), pinenut salad, Sea Bass Special, and Black Bottommed Banana Cream Pie (their signature dessert).
Susi introduced me to Steamers (these so yummy hot milk drinks with flavorings (I of course chose caramel)) Now I want to make them myself. I wonder if you need a special machine? If you've never had one- give them a try. I like it better than hot chocolate and I really like hot chocolate.

We had so much relaxing fun together. Thanks Stan for a great trip!

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Mallory said...

That trip sounds so great, I'm glad you guys got to get away for your anniversary! Your kids were so great--when Eliza woke up she crawled all the way down the hall into the living room with a blanket completely covering her. It was hilarious.