Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Out of the Mouth of Babes . . .

These have been on the side bar, but they were taking up so much space I haven't been adding to them. So I'm posting them here again- in case you missed them-and I'm going to try a new page element for future funnies.

I- when leaving our Brazilian friends, "Ka-chow, ka-chow" (good-bye lightning McQueen style) 11-6-08
I- "You have to be cute to be naughty" 11-7-08
I- "Simon says be like Jesus" 10-5-08
E-"I want a hotdog" me-"you had one last night" E- "No I didn't, I didn't eat it" Eliza 8-2-08
"A really bad witch is flying, they take away her broom and she breaks her bones and can't sweep anymore" Israel about a dream 6-10-08
"I already peeped" from Eliza when I asked if she needed to go potty- she's wearing big girl underwear today (6-10-08)
"You can marry Daddy and I'll marry Eliza, but who's going to marry Julia" Israel the concerned big brother 6-3-08
"Oh, oh no, I forgot my marbles" from Israel when we were trying to call him to prayer 6-2-08
"Stop loving, stop loving" what Eliza says whenever she sees Stan and I kiss

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