Friday, February 27, 2009

So Sweet

Today at dinner Eliza wanted more vegetables even though she wasn't eating her own. Israel had more you see. So she was complaining and then layed her head down facing away from me. Meanwhile I was busy dealing with crying Julia. I was working on the dishes and Israel was still happily eating when I realized Eliza hadn't moved in a while. She was knocked out cold and didn't even stir when I carried her to bed. It was so sweet. I'm not sure why it touched me, but while I had this warm feeling for my dear middle child I wanted record it here. What a life she has being in the middle. Israel is bigger and stronger and knows more while Julia needs so much more attention. I wonder sometimes if she just needs of Stan and me. She has been struggling going to preschool and Sunbeams recently and having lots of sad crying time. A few weeks ago I was praying and reading my scriptures and worrying about Eliza and what I got was that she needs more of me. When I give her more one on one her moods are so much better. (now to figure out how I can give her more consistently)


Carrie said...

That is just so sweet! She is such a mild mannered child (when I see her) so I can imagine its easy for the mild ones to get a little less attention than they actually need. I've been thinking along these same lines - our kids needing us and I'm just so glad that our kids are little. All we have to deal with are the simple things in life at the moment. Yet they can have such a big impact in the later moments. I have a special spot in my heart for second children because of my Gwenie and I know she is going to be a middle child someday. I hope I can do her justice!

Robin said...

Thanks Carrie. I'm glad you're already thinking about Gwen being a middle child. Hopefully that will help.
Just a note Eliza did really good in Primary yesterday. She only cried when her finger got swished in a chair. I gave her a brave necklace to wear and asked her if she wanted it for next week, but she said she was so brave she wouldn't even need it anymore.