Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Silly Fears

I've been waiting for pictures to post our Groundhog's Day Celebration. We had so much fun this year. Our friend Brian took the pictures, but they haven't made it our way yet- soon you'll see our fun.

In the mean time- I'm nervous and excited-not in anticipation of the pictures, but because Stan and I are going snowboarding AGAIN tomorrow. We're thinking we might even have some good powder since it's been snowing a little down here in good ol' Provo. I'm one of those people who gets the nervous poops- just before a cross country race in HS, before a canyoneering trip, or a tough lead climb, OR just before I go snowboarding. So I know what I'll be doing tomorrow morning:) I haven't been on my board much in the past 6 years, so I'm hesitant to go fast, I'm slowly working on my turns and trying to gain confidence. The almost funny thing is that when we went last month Stan and I had a really good experience. If only I could quiet the voice in the back of my mothering mind reminding me that I can't die. If anyone knows how to overcome this fear, please pass it on. So wish me luck and safety tomorrow-and yes, I will again be wearing my snowboarding helmet.

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