Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thanks and Israel Starts School

I just wanted to express my thanks for your kind responses to my last post. They have truly been helping me feel better about our new situation. I've been reaching out more and finding friends at parks and at Israel's new school. Yes you read that right. Israel started school on Monday at OES and has Mrs. T for a teacher. She came recommended but sight unseen, so I'm glad that I'm liking her and she's liking Israel. Today she said she wished all her kids could be like him. He's doing so well (Mommy pride swelling . . .). I've found a Mom with 2 young kids like me to swap out with so we can volunteer in our kg's classes and I've found 3 other Mom's for play dates and such. I've been reaching out of my comfort zone and it feels SO good.

Also I have to comment on my wonderful company. Amanda and Bryce can down somewhat unexpectedly this weekend and I loved having family here (and playing Pandemic). They especially helpped out with those first days of school and getting Israel to and from. We only live 2.1 miles from school, so we're not a bus area and to pick up you can't pull your cars up but have to park, unload kids, walk over to the gate and pick up your kger when his name is read. It's quite a system.

His fav. things of school: play time, singing "We went for a walk and the walk was cool, we saw some people in a swimming pool. They swam to the left, they swam to the right, but here are some things that they did best, they did doggy paddle . . . dove, snorkled, towel dried" his least favorite is rest time after recess. Yesterday he said his favorite part of school was how excited Eliza is when he cames out the gate. The first day she jumped him with one of those all 4 limbs hugs of hers. Israel eats lunch at school and has just over 4 hours of school time.

Here are some more roses, Israel grating cheese for dinner, my kindergartener (who isn't allowed to take the brand new spiderman backpack we bought last week because of lack of storage space), and Julia so sad for Amanda to be leaving.

ps. We've given up on our dishwater. We have low water pressure and have fixed it in the shower with a special showerhead. But the kitchen is pretty hopeless. So, until we get a plummer we're back to hand washing. It's just as well since we kept running out of plates and especially bowls (I didn't want to send it until it was full).

pps there is a giveaway on The Benner Daily blog for V & Co's patterns.

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Thompson Family said...

sounds like you guys are getting settled and I'm glad to hear that you're all making friends. We really miss you all here in Utah.