Thursday, August 06, 2009

Promised Pictures

Front Entry

Living Room: Notice the new couches (we got a super deal on them and they have a buit in sleeper if anyone wants to come visit) Do you like our crooked floor lamp? It didn't survive the move so well. Honestly it had been struggling for a while and I think that moving truck was the last straw.

Robin's corner of the living room. My beloved oversized chair. This is already my "library" in this picture it is acting as a boat for my Eliza.


Master looking at closet doors

Master Bath- notice the rounded shower curtain we added. I rather like it. 6 extra inches makes a difference.

Kids room

Kids closet. I had to remove a huge shelving unit from the closet so I could get Eliza's dresser in. I learned how to remove gliding doors and the floor track and how to put it back together.

Office with our other beloved overstuffed couch. The room is already cluttered, but we're working to organize it.

Office closet (where I moved the big shelf unit from the kid's room) this closet it bigger and could use the shelves.

I couldn't post without showing you our lovely kids enjoying Luckie Park. It's really nice before 10 am. After that beware, the slides can burn your bottom.


Carrie said...

I love it! Your house looks great! Good luck with everything!

Brian and Michelle said...

How fun! My brother and dad always got to go to Joshua Tree on campouts, but I never got to go. Congratulations on your house!

Wheeler Family said...

Your house looks wonderful!

Robin said...

My sister told me the pictures look pink. They are white trim with creams, browns, and greens.

Christenson Family Blog said...

It's nice to see you guys are settled. The house looks great.

Janeen said...

Looks great Robin! Where did you get the couches? I'm glad you are getting settled!

Robin said...

We got the couches from the 29Palms Yardsales online. The funny thing was that we bought them from an LDS family. The couches are light in color, but for the price I couldn't pass them up. Hopefully we won't regret it. We're on a strict no food or feet policy. The food is easier to enforce than the feet.