Monday, August 31, 2009

"I love you" & Manwich

Israel came home today complaining about the 2 girls in his class acting like puppy dogs following him all over the playground and repeatedly telling him "I Love You, I love you" What is it with kg girls always chasing the boys?
Speaking of love,

Manwich- I don't love you. Last week felt a bit overwhelming so at the grocery store I picked up a few quick meal plans. One was a can of Manwich. Having never made it, I foolishly thought- cool, just heat the contents and we're good. I hadn't ever bought already cooked and canned ground beef, but I was willing to give it a try. Besides, it was half price. If only I had read the can instead of salivating over the picture: add fresh ground beef or turkey- I wouldn't have found myself 5 minutes before Stan and his friend would be here for dinner with nothing to offer, but almost boiling water for the spagetti dinner we would be having instead- and 20 minutes late.
Once we did make the manwiches they had few green and red peppers unlike that decieving picture on the can and it wasn't all that tasty. Never again Manwich, I just don't love you.


Jane said...

I agree, NO Manwich. Isreal is pretty cute, I bet wht puppy thing will stop soon.

Jenn said...

I have a special recipe that my Mom makes for Sloppy Joes...I'll email it to you if you want! It's soo yummy and easy and way better than Manwich!!!