Monday, January 04, 2010

"How did you know my dad stinks?" and Giant Challah Bread

A neighbor surprised us the night before we left for Christmas in VA (and a huge blizzard- more on that here) by bringing us all lots of gifts. She used to be an Avon lady, and we were showered with lots of Avon goodies. For Stan she gave him cologne and 3 deoderants- to which Israel asked "How did you know my dad stinks?"

On another note I finally made Challah bread (I've fantazised about eating it since my study abroad in Jerusalem in '99.) I used a recipe from one of my Jewish professor's wives. It was 5 hours of rising time. Well in the directions it says 4 small round loaves or braid it. I wanted to braid it just like the kind we always bought early in the morning on Friday mornings in the Orthodox Jewish Quarter. Well, I foolishly made 1 loaf of challah bread instead of 2 or maybe 4 and not surpirsingly needed extra baking time.
It tasted just like I remembered and we devoured half of it last night. The trick was finding a container big enough for the rest of it:) I posted the recipe here Every Day Dinners.


Brian and Michelle said...

Kids sure say what they think! That's pretty funny. I think your bread looks yummy! Happy holidays!

Becky said...

My mom used to make mini Challah loaves on Easter. It's been a long time and I'm craving it again, too!