Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Israel, Where is your Jacket?

Yesterday I was having a horrible "I don't feel good and want to do nothing day." Luckily this day also corresponded with Stan's day off. So, he took Israel (and the girls) to the bus stop in the morning. (He also cleaned the house, folded laundry, and took the girls out for a while, but this post is really about the quest for the jacket.) Stan picked up Israel after school. When they walked in the door Israel was missing his nice winter coat. We need that coat I thought. "Where's your coat Israel?" I asked. Not surprisingly my 6-year-old couldn't tell me its location, if he'd worn it to lunch, to recess, or onto the bus for home.

I called the school, had his teacher check the classroom and the Kg playground (Nope), called the school again, found out how to track down the bus, drove to the HS where bus was (Nope), drove to the Elem. School, checked Cafateria (nope), playground (nope), classroom (nope) went back home all the while driving looking out at the road, maybe it fell out of the bus? maybe Israel dropped it coming home on his bike(nope)?

I pulled into the driveway feeling devastated- we're going to have to buy him a new coat for our trip to Utah next month. I don't want to buy him another, dang it I finally pulled myself out of the car and put my purse and jacket away.

And then I had this little hopeful thought in the back of my mind- what if Israel didn't put it on this morning? I opened the van door and there on the floor by his seat is his nice winter jacket.


Thompson Family said...

hahah!! Your story has a good ending...glad you found it!!

Mallory said...

So funny. Sounds like something I would do! Israel and Eliza look all grown up. I read the talk Israel gave in Primary a while back, such a proud moment! It was so wonderful.

The Purdie Family said...

Oh, Israel, Israel... I'm glad your mommy found your coat. And I can't let Aidan see your awesome Darth Vadar mask because he will be soooooooo jealous!

Becky said...

oh man, great story! sounds like something Thomas would do!