Monday, January 04, 2010

Virginia for Christmas

Stan's parents kindly flew us home for Christmas. What none of us realized was that we would be landing right in the middle of a snow storm in Greensboro and attempting to drive North into a storm some called the Monster Blizzard of the South. After 5 hours of terrifying driving on mainly 2 lane roads (nothing big goes from Greensboro to Check, VA) in a front wheel drive minivan whose windshield and wipers wouldn't stop freezing, we finally reached enough civilization in Roanoke and thankfully were able to find a hotel with a short drive way the we could manage we spent the night and left the next morning at 10 am. Thankfully the snow had stopped around 7am and we were okay to drive into the mountains or wonderfully plowed roads. The trip from our house to grandma's took an impressive 30 hours. And the kids to better than was expected all things considered.

Our fun trip ended all too soon and we were headed back to the airport again. 17 hours to home.

ps-If anyone is around Greensboro we stopped at the most delcious eatery Elizabeth's Pizza Italian Resturant. It's worth your time- great service and even better authentic foods.

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