Friday, March 13, 2009

Blankets for Julia

Julia, like her older siblings loves soft blankets. In fact, she likes them so much Eliza was having fits. Julia kept taking her prized white blanket, the one Eliza used to give her freely when Jula was sad. At the time I was proud of my Eliza to so freely share her special happy. But a few months ago it turned ugly (crying, grabbing, etc.) so I knew I'd have to do a scary thing, make Julia her own silky blanket (cricot). My mom helped me get set with a pattern, fabric, and thread (thanks Mom!), and I was left with a lot of slow hand stitching to do. After 3 months, a few stitches donated my family, and a borrowed sewing machine when mine unexpectedly decided not to function, I am done- DONE done. I am so happy and proud of myself and my stitches aren't even all then even. Cutting away the extra fabric was scary, but I did it and she has a snuggly that thankfully she has accepted as hers. Here are some pictures of her with her silky, and also one with Israel's leapard skin blanket she's happily wearing.


Amanda said...

You did an excellent job on that blanket. Any imperfections just mean that it was hand-made with love.

Carma said...

Way to go, Robin. Stitching those takes so many hours. That blanket will be special to her for years to come!